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A Little Brighter

So I had three ideas for my WoW game-play experience the other day while visiting the Dramatis Personae forums. Two of these are probably a last-ditch effort at something to get my Alliance side guild on AD involved in some RP. The other is to support my new and exciting forays into the Horde-side of things (which, currently, there seems to be no interest in other than my husband and girlfriend). But hey, I'm sure we three will enjoy it and perhaps others on Moonguard will, too.

Dramatis Personae's alternate view on playing WoW was refreshing. They have characters spread over all the RP servers and do plot-lines on different servers at different times. It's so interesting to see RPers take characters seriously regardless of physical level, and to see a community truly enjoy themselves completely independently of the end-game treadmill. I'm not certain I could be such a wanderer... but it's nice to know that the option is out there.

Had dinner at the in-laws last night. It was great to see them -- haven't seen them since last June. Mom lent me a ton of books from her vast library... I have so much to read now I think I'll be good until next year. I'm hoping to get up to the cottage for a couple days during the holiday weekend and maybe husband's brothers and soon-to-be-sister-in-law will be up, too. Missed the pup! She's a darling black lab and border collie mix. Just a ball of fun-loving energy!

Got myself some yoga tapes and a mat. Should help my back some... I'm hoping.



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