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The headaches are back and I hate them. Aragh!


I'm okay.

So it looks like I'm headed back to my hometown for the month of November. Hopefully, I'll be able to see a neurologist in that time. The downside is that they will, in all likelihood, want to do an MRI. For the uninsured, that's a nice little chunk of change. So Jon and I will have to chat about that.

I've been trying to relax in order not to exacerbate the intense throbbing of my brain behind my eyes. Guildless on Moon Guard until yesterday, my little Ret-adin is 57 now (to the shock of my RP friends). I was asked how could that be -- RAF? Prot AoE? BoA gear? Nope! Just Carbonite, an epic mount at level 40, and no job/school. But actually, I'm really enjoying playing the other faction (go Horde!) for a change of pace. Not that I intend to desert my Alliance characters at all -- I love them dearly -- but the solitude has been cathartic.

I find myself ever-identifying with the Alliance though, no matter the situation. I hated having to desecrate Uther's shrine. I've always been a "carebear" for the Horde anyway. I just wish both sides got along. It would be wicked awesome if they could talk and group together.

The one PuG I've done so far was less than stellar. I have freakishly high standards these days, though. I don't know if my patience has just run out or what. When the tank stopped to dance because she leveled (for several minutes), I wanted to throttle her. She paused after every pull and the group had to wait for her to catch up. Then she DC'd halfway through and never came back. I tanked the rest of Sunken Temple as a Ret paladin (4-man, no less)!

So I joined a guild the other day (after being asked on two separate occasions)... but the RP thus far falls short of my expectations. Again, I feel like I'm becoming this cynical, curmudgeonly creature, but run-on... and on... and on sentences, dialogue I can barely follow, and slight god-moding has me ignoring the majority of guild chat. Let's see if Day Two is any better. At least their grammar isn't terrible. There are no U's. They use capitals and punctuation.

I have some artwork that needs posting to my Deviant account... but there's a bunch of stuff sitting on my scanner and I'm too lazy to clean it off right now. That's bad, huh! Meh. I don't care. I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet.