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So I started playing on Alliance again on my original server. I've been working on my prot paladin -- levels and professions (she's blacksmithing and engineering because I'm insane). Starting to tank with her and that's definitely an experience. (I always seem to get lost amongst those stupid Nexus platforms!)

Raids start again with Naxx-25 on October 4th. I'm a little tired of that particular instance, but it seems like every time we start Ulduar, people get upset and things implode. It doesn't matter too much though, because I really enjoy the company. I don't really care about hardcore progression because there are always going to be new gear treadmills. For some reason, I have this personal goal of getting every single class to level cap. Maybe that's my progression? All that's left is my 71 paladin, 70 warrior, 60 rogue, 33 shaman, and a death knight. I don't know why I really haven't felt much of an urge to level a death knight... but I just haven't yet.

I have most of the achievements/titles I want on my main. I like the ones where I get special things I guess... but sometimes I have to wonder if the effort is worth it just for a tally to say that I did it. And I certainly do not relish the idea of trying to do them on multiple characters...

I guess I'm just wondering what the heck to do with myself now.


(You're probably familiar with me as Iilrane Sachril...)

I know I wish the achievements system had notably more than bragging rights to it. Granted, there's the steeds that result from several of them, but...It puts me in mind of the idea I once had for WoW personal housing: make how much decoration you can put in semi-dependent on how many achievement points you have.

(And meanwhile, which guild are you in in EQ2? Although it doesn't look like you're cleaving particularly much to it of late, if the flags on your recent posts are anything to go by...)
They should have things you can buy with the achievement points, in my opinion!

It's great to hear from you, by the way, Iilrane. The EQ accounts are on hold for the time being (but the characters were guildless anyway). Ceridith is into a game called Fallen Earth right now, and I'm still plugging away at WoW.
{smile} Then when/if you get back into EQ2, look for a female half-elven warden named Sachren on the Lucan D'Lere server (although I started up one on the Antonia Bayle server named Sachril...I think you can guess where I got the names from). Dirge was starting to feel a bit boring; I finally realized that it was because the dirge's methodology isn't quite the balance of warrior/mage that I was looking for...Too much warrior. I needed something more along the lines of WoW shamans...

I wouldn't say spend the achievement points; there's a fixed amount, after all. I was just thinking in terms of how much of what kinds of housing goodies you could have. Instead of status rent, your combined...prestige value, to mint a term...of your furniture can't exceed your achievement points.

(Of course, that's IF Blizzard is implementing any sort of housing, individual or guild, in Cataclysm. We know guilds will now have ranks, so that might be a clue. Still waiting on official word from Blizzard, meanwhile, as to why night elves will be able to be mages. Shamans, I could understand...)
Ere I forget...One of the conceits I had was arranging for opening up a Norrathian branch of the Agency. It looks like there is precedent for multi-game guilds (I know there's at least two on the Antonia Bayle server...would that I could remember what they're called)...