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Bittersweet Symphony... That's Life

My brother-in-law and his long-time fiancee got married last weekend, so it's been a pretty busy time for the family. It was an outdoor ceremony at a conservation area in the middle of a rainy autumn day (though the sun managed to peek out for an overcast appearance and the rain ceased for the duration of the ceremony itself) and, thus, required a lot of effort to pull off. But it ended up being quite beautiful (even if the reception was a tad on the cramped side).

I've dived back into my reading list with renewed zeal and have been making to-do lists that I intend to work on in the coming weeks before my hometown five-week visit. I am looking forward to being back in O-town despite how desperately I suspect I will miss my husband. I miss my "family of origin" and the familiarity of my hometown very much; and I hope that the much-needed visit will give me a bit of a kick in the pants when I come back home to TO.

Anxiety is paralyzing. The headaches are back, perhaps not near the agony they have caused in the past, but tension-caused and relieved temporarily with muscle-relaxers (which thankfully, here, are over the counter - God bless Canada)! Social anxiety ratchets up that tension in my neck and upper back muscles and causes those dull headaches that feel like a band tightening around my head and last for days on end. It seems like the more I hole up, the worse the anxiety becomes when I am forced out. Strangely, being forced out will cause a temporary (very much so) burst of motivation once the initial ledge of anxiety is overcome. It's not something I entirely understand, being as how it's never quite been at this level before my move.

Anyway... I'm drowsy and still not sleeping well, so I'm off to take a catnap.