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Last week I endured serious pain in my jaw for four days, believing that perhaps it was sinus-related. Turns out I have to have a root canal. So I've been on some heavy-duty pain medication all weekend (everything has been a bit of a haze, but so blessedly pain-free). The good news is that I think I've finished my immigration packet, which I turn in to the consultant today. They're going to try to fit me in for my root canal today as well. Then Wednesday I have an appointment with a psychologist who specializes in adult ADD and anxiety and depression disorders. Then Thursday, it's back to the dentist to fix some cavaties (all work that's been put off for some time due to not having insurance). And finally, on Sunday, I leave for the States to visit home.


Ouch! Sorry about the pain *hugs*

Don't know if you've had a root canal before -- I've had two. They suck, but on the bright side, the pain will be gone.
*hugs tight* Good luck with everything hun, I hope it all goes well and you get feeling better. <3