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Sweet Home... Nebraska!

It's intriguing to me now that the word "home" conjures two separate images for me: one being the place of my origin, the city of my birth, with my immediate family's faces surrounding me in my parents' house; the other being in the arms of my husband and amongst my cat-kids (though I am not sure I can really think of our stark hi-rise as "home" so much as the place where we are staying). I think I am using this time at my home of origin wisely.

My errands are out of the way -- done Monday, no less. My last name is legally altered, now and finally I got my rings in for their fitting and soldering. I've been working my way through what I call my "homework" -- the book my psychologist recommended I work on while I'm away from Toronto. It's called The Feeling Good Handbook by David Burns and it already seems to be helping some. It operates on the principle of cognitive behavior therapy which teaches you to alter your way of thinking in order to help combat anxiety and depression. My mom also bought me some other books, one of which I'm also reading called Calming Your Anxious Mind by Jeffrey Brantley. This book teaches you to use mindful meditation in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy. I saw the neurologist Monday who claimed that there was no physical cause for the tension headaches that he could discern and that the intense, lasting headaches are simply migraines for which he would recommend different prescription medications to manage it from the ones I'm currently taking. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a physical therapist who is going to teach me some techniques for managing tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck and head.